red_dotStorm P.


At the Storm P. Museum we show our permanent Storm P. exhibition on the first floor, presenting the works of Robert Storm Petersen (Storm P.). 

In addition to our own collection, we show alternating temporary exhibitions, usually within the genres of the Storm P. tradition, of humor and satire in art. 
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The Storm P. Exhibition

As you walk through the galleries, you will see a wide selection of Storm P.s paintings and drawings, including his silly inventions and the cartoons with his famous characters Peter and Ping, The 3 Little Men and the philosophical Flies. Storm P. was a very industrious artist and only a certain portion of the museum's collection is on display at any given time. The paintings are displayed on rotation, but if you wish to see a specific work of art, you can contact us in advance to find out if that particular piece is presently on display.

The paintings on display in the galleries are grouped by the following themes:
Artist and Caricaturist
The Contemporary
Death, the Church and the Afterlife
Storm's Women
Back to Nature
A Joy of Painting

You will also be able to look the artist over the shoulder and step into his original study, where he often worked day and night to meet his many daily deadlines. In the study, we also display most of Storm P.s amazing pipe collection, numbering almost 500 pipes.

A large digital table on the ground floor allows you to swipe through the museum's collection of more than 30.000 Storm P. drawings. This way you can find your personal favourite!