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The Storm P. Museum is dedicated to the life and work of Robert Storm Petersen (Storm P.) and to humour and satire in art.

Storm P. (1882-1949) was a Danish artist and an influential character in the shaping of Danish humour in the 20th Century. His portrayals of everyday life in his numerous daily comic strips, have made him part of Danish cultural heritage and identity.

Storm P. examined the art of being human through various media of artistic expression, and always kept focus on the humorous interactions between people from all layers of society. The museum paints a picture of an outstanding Danish artist, who continually manages to make us revise our views and perspectives on our surroundings as well as on ourselves. Storm P.'s art remains relevant to this day and functions not only as an image of his time, but also as a reminder that this kind of satirical humour is timeless and capable of entertaining generations upon generations of audiences.

The museum invites you to explore the quirky and humorous universe of Storm P. When you explore the museum exhibitions, you will learn about both artistic and personal aspects of Storm P.'s life and work. Sound clips, photographs, films and newspaper clippings tell the story of his life, his time and his art. You will find numerous examples of his versatile and large production of art; from the colourful and expressionistic watercolours and oil paintings, to the well-known and much loved comic strips, philosophical flies and silly inventions.

Apart from maintaining and communicating Storm P.'s heritage, the museum hosts a variety of changing exhibitions and educational activities which focus on a wide selection of subjects within visual culture – most often subjects related to humour and satire. Museum guests will have the opportunity to explore both our permanent and temporary exhibitions when they visit.

The Storm P. Museum first opened its doors to the public in 1977 and was state approved in 1982. The museum building, once Frederiksberg's first police station, dates back to the mid-1880s.The building is state-owned and part of the structure that frames Frederiksberg Runddel by the entrance to Frederiksberg Gardens. The building that houses the museum underwent extensive renovations in the fall/winter of 2011-2012.


The Storm P. Museum
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